How to Ace This College Semester

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With the Fall school semester rushing towards us, it’s a good idea to center yourself and prepare for what lies ahead. With a little help from the WMC, you can crush the upcoming school year!

Get to know your classmates

Making friends in your classes is not only beneficial for your social-life, it will come in handy if or when you have to take absences from your class. Get your classmate’s contact info so that you can have a connection to course content if you can’t attend class. Getting your classmate’s help with notes and assignments will make a world of difference as you move through the semester.

Keep a balanced diet

You can’t properly learn or live your best life if your dietary decisions are making you feel gross. Remember to eat full meals- no, not just snack foods- that are balanced with beneficial vitamins and proteins to help your body and brain function. This article from verywellfit has some excellent nutritional tips for college students.

Avoid overdoing it with caffeinated beverages

According to this article from Gooroo, caffeine can help to improve and maintain memory; however, how well you function with caffeine in your system depends on what kind of caffeine you consume. For example, drinks with a lot of sugar such as energy drinks can have an adverse effect on your emotional and physical state as the sugar and caffeine can combine in your body to create a negative interaction. Avoid sugary caffeinated drinks and have a glass of water with each cup of tea or coffee.

Be active in your classes 

Take notes, pay attention, and ask questions during class. The worst thing you could do for your grade is to take a passive approach; simply sitting in class and hoping to absorb the information through osmosis is not only unrealistic, it’s ultimately unproductive. Stay mentally engaged through class so that you actually learn the material rather than just experiencing it.

Have confidence in yourself and use the tools at your disposal. Don’t forget to rest and seek help if you need it. Remember that this is your college experience, and you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want!


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